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Welcome to the Official Ultimate Eagles

The Ultimate Eagles are the world’s finest Eagles show, and they take pride in the fact that they are the only truly international band to be celebrating the Legend of The Eagles around the globe, taking their show all over the world, and most recently a massively successful tour of Australia and New Zealand.

No show in the world recreates the American Legend’s music with such accuracy and reverence as the Ultimate Eagles, and their 10,000,000+ online media views stands as a testimony to their international popularity and coveted status as “The World’s Greatest Eagles show”

When they began in 2011, they started out with a simple mission; to celebrate the Eagles’ music as accurately as could be done beyond being the mighty legends themselves. Approaching the music the same way the London Symphony Orchestra would Mozart, the Ultimate Eagles.

  • “The Best Eagles show in the World”
    Chris Evans BBC Radio 2

  • “Superb: do not expect a lookalike band; these are real musicians with real passion”
    The Mail on Sunday

  • "Any Eagles fan would be at home at one of their shows; they do a fantastic job of delivering a complete show featuring the music of the Eagles in the exact style...”
    Music Net, New Zealand

Performing live rarities and best selling classics, the Ultimate Eagles will give you the Ultimate in live Eagles experiences, presented by world class musicians who have spent entire careers at the highest level appearing at festivals with and sharing the stage alongside artists such as Queen, Iron Maiden, Status Quo, Journey, Van Morrison, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, Cliff Richard, John Legend and of course, the Eagles themselves.